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How Stacck helps

  • F&B Staff

    Track tasks

    Retain employees

    Manage efficiently

  • F&B Manager

    Meet deadlines

    Stay informed

    Impress your manager

  • F&B Owner

    Improve customer service

    Reduce operating costs

    Increase efficiency

How Stacck works

  • 1

    Your Restaurant's

    Private Network

    A secure network for

    your employees that

    separates business and

    personal communications.

  • 2


    Send Cards

    Messages that are sent

    in the form of cards and

    allow for polls, questions,

    feedback and tasks.

  • 3

    Cards Stream to

    Staff's Mobile

    Cards stream to your

    team's mobile phones

    allowing for instant


Our cards are powerful

Assign a task

Give feedback
Share a


or ask questions

Simply read

and respond

Know your

team members

A library of F&B best practices

Our library is filled with templates to automate your F&B business.

How our templates work

The real magic happens when cards are combined to form a shortcut.

Cards are connected in a stream
and sent automatically.

Shortcuts are created once and activated whenever you need them.Your best practices can be safely stored in your library and shared instantly.

Track & Monitor

  • Employee Response Times
  • Task Completion
  • Customer Feedback
  • Attendance
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